Mom in Balance Membership

You start with either a Pregnant, Back in Shape or Mpower membership for a minimum period of 3 months. After this there's a notice period of one month. If your due date is within these 3 months, we will make an exception for you: we will terminate your membership on your due date and do not keep to the minimum term.

Registration takes place by completely filling out the registration form on the website and sending it in. The Membership commences on the date of entry, as indicated on the registration form. In case you trained with Mom in Balance before, you can also start your membership by sending an email to . Your email should indicate the desired type of membership, starting date and desired fixed training(s).  

By completing the registration form, the member accepts the general terms and conditions of Mom in Balance.

The Pregnant membership automatically ends on the indicated due date. In case of early delivery, you can contact us so that the membership ends the day you gave birth. This can be done by sending an email to

You can always change your membership from once a week to an unlimited membership. Switching from an unlimited membership to a once a week membership can be arranged from the 1st of the next month. These changes can be implemented by us if you send an email to .

When you are not able to join a workout you can sign off via the Mom in Balance Members App. You can cancel the workout till one hour before start time. With a membership of once a week, you will receive a credit by cancelling a workout (save up to max of 4 credits). With this credit, you can register for a catch-up training. Credits can be redeemed during your membership and do not expire. Credits are not transferable to another member.

In case of pregnancy, you can switch from Mpower or Back in Shape to Pregnant Workout immediately. Mpower is not suitable for the pregnant body. You should always inform your trainer in case you are pregnant. You have to make the transfer to the Pregnant Workout no later than 14 weeks.

Membership and terms of payment

Payment is via direct debit, which you accepted by filling out the complete registration form. The amount is withdrawn monthly by Mom in Balance. The withdrawal takes place at the end of the month.

If the payment due is not received in time, for instance as a result of insufficient balance or counter-enter, you receive a reminder. You can then transfer the money yourself, by IDEAL or you will receive the direct debit one month later again.

Participation in the workouts of Mom in Balance is not permitted as long as the payment obligation has not been fulfilled (without the statement of a valuable reason). In case of payment arrears, Mom in Balance is entitled to terminate the relationship with the member, without the payment obligation to expire.

Mom in Balance keeps the right to modify prices intermediate. You will be notified by this at least 3 months prior to a price modification. For current contract durations, prices are not changed.

The membership is personal and not transferable.

Mom in Balance holds the right to modify training times, locations, programs and such.

Workouts are never cancelled. Workouts are only cancelled due to extreme weather conditions or absence of trainers. In this case, Mom in Balance will offer the possibility to follow the missed workout at another moment. If a workout is cancelled, this is communicated by email and by a push notification, at least one hour prior to the start time of the workout.

Workouts are scheduled throughout the year, except for workouts on National holidays when workouts are cancelled at most locations, without this leading to a contribution reduction or refund. Please check whether workouts on National holidays are held or not at your location. On the following National holidays, no workouts are given for sure: 1 January (New Year’s Day), 1st and 2nd Easter day, 27 April (Kingsday), Ascension Day, 1st and 2nd Pentecost, 5 December, Christmas Eve and 25 and 26 December (Christmas). Are you registered for a workout that is taking place on a national holiday? Then you can sign out for this workout via the app and sign yourself up for another workout.

Mom in Balance cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged and/or stolen personal belongings.

If the member does not use the right to participate in workouts, which are offered by Mom in Balance, no refund of the contribution will take place. By using the Mom in Balance Members App you have the opportunity to catch up on missed workouts, within the membership period, on the days you normally do not train.

It is not possible to put the membership on hold due to holidays. By using the Mom in Balance Members App it is possible to catch up on missed workouts on other days before or after your holiday (during the membership period).

Participating in the workouts of Mom in Balance is entirely at your own risk.

During the workouts, the member listens closely to her body and follows the instructions of the trainer.

Ending the membership

In case of injuries or a medical indication, it is possible to immediately terminate the membership temporarily.  This should be communicated as soon as possible via Your membership terminates after notifying us.

Without notice of cancellation, the membership will automatically be renewed every month. For the Pregnant membership, this means that the membership lasts up to the due date of your pregnancy. After this, the membership automatically terminates.

A Pregnant Membership automatically ends on your due date, which you included during your registration. After the minimum duration of 3 months, you can end the Pregnant Membership monthly via

A Back in Shape or Mpower membership can be terminated after the minimum duration of 3 months. Ending memberships can be done by sending an email to Please take into account that there is a notice period of one month. Without notice of cancellation, the membership will automatically be renewed every month.

Member discount code

The member discount code for articles in the Mom in Balance shop is members only. The codes you receive during your membership may not be shared with others. Did you purchase article(s) at our online shop but you are not an active member of Mom in Balance? Then Mom in Balance has the right to sent you an invoice for the discount amount.