A busy life is a happy life! Let’s be honest, sometimes with children, friends, work and an overflowing agenda, it is quite a challenge to have a balance. Our mission is to help as many moms (to be) as possible with a network of positive women on a strong, energetic basis. If you feel physically and mentally good, it is easier to make the right choices, to work on your ambitions and to enjoy your family.

We touch women's lives around the world, INSPIRE them to be fit and healthy, to be at their best. We believe in a POSITIVE and PERSONAL approach. We will do the BEST we can. Always.


Meet our founder: Esther van Diepen. Mother of four kids, successful entrepreneur and fanatic athlete. Together with her husband and children, she lived in New York for a while and was introduced to the culture of sporting (soon to be) mothers in city parks. That's how she came up with the idea for Mom in Balance! In collaboration with various experts, she laid the foundation for our unique sports program. In 2008 she returned to The Netherlands to roll out the program here... and the rest is history.


We provide outdoor workouts for pregnant women, recovery training after delivery and total body workouts for women. Our workouts help you to become stronger and improve your fitness, but they also give you energy and a positive mindset. Research has shown that sport goes beyond the physical. Exercising makes us more social, more confident, able to focus better and empathize better with others. Exactly what you need in the first years of motherhood! You can handle more and stay in balance through sport.

We have more than ten years of experience, you can find our trainers in almost all parks in The Netherlands and at more and more locations abroad. You can always train at various locations in America, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, SwedenKenya, Singapore and Japan.


The Mom in Balance sports program has been specially developed for women during pregnancy, a good recovery afterwards and a good work-life balance. Our workouts are designed in collaboration with the best gynaecologists and pelvic floor therapists, specially tailored to the pregnant, recovering and fit body.

● Outdoor all year round!
● Functional total body workout especially for the pregnant and recovering body.
● Extra attention for a strong back and stability of the pelvis.
● Awareness and subsequent recovery of the pelvic floor muscles.
● Improve your fitness with cardio exercises.
● Meet other inspiring women in your neighbourhood in the same phase.

You can join our workouts with a flexible membership of 1 month or within a 12- or 18-month membership, in which you can easily switch to other workouts. Within the 12- and 18-month membership you choose which workout (Pregnant, Back in Shape or Mpower) you would like to start with. Join us now!


The trainers of Mom in Balance are internally trained by our professional training team, where practice and theory are alternated. All trainers do an internship, after which they receive an official certificate from Mom in Balance. Also, we see all trainers every six months where their knowledge is expended with the latest developments. Do you want to become a trainer? We are always lookings for new trainers for the Netherlands, but also for our international locations. Click here for more information.    


Mom in Balance is recognized as an approved intervention by The Netherlands Knowledge Centre for Sport & Physical Activity. There are many different lifestyle interventions in The Netherlands, and it is not always clear what quality and effects they provide. By assessing these different interventions, the wheat is separated from the chaff, and the quality and effectiveness of the interventions can be shown.