Working out together is more fun!!

Working out together is more fun!!

With Mom in Balance you never train alone, but exercising together with your best friend is even more fun and motivating! We┬┤ll tell you why.

Keeping a sports routine requires a lot of motivation. Although motivation that´s coming from you is the best, you can also find motivation outside yourself, for example by exercising with your sister, girlfriend or neighbor. We give you four reasons why exercising together is more fun and motivating:

1) No cancelations, because you have agreed! Because you have made an appointment, you not only disappoint yourself when you cancel, but also your sports buddy. You do not want to let her down and the same goes for your buddy.  This way you can motivate each other, even if it is bad weather or if you would rather hang out on the couch for an evening.  

2) Sharing success together. Went to a workout together or participated in a running event? Because you have achieved this together with your sports buddy, you can share the success together. Sharing success strengthens the feeling of satisfaction!  

3) Competition evokes an urge to win, which translates into extra motivation! The challenges and game elements that we incorporate in the workouts keep the sport fun and lead the attention away from the 'must'.  

4) FUN. Playing together is of course much more fun! Catching up during -or enjoy a drink or coffee after- the workout.

To help you out with a double incentive, please check out our Friends Deal for this month:

Monthly or Unlimited (P/BIS/Mpower)

-> friend signs up for Monthly or Unlimited -> 20% discount for both                                              -> friend signs up for a Flex Card -> 1 free workout (11 vs 10)

Flexcard (P/BIS/Mpower)

-> friend signs up for Monthly or Unlimited -> 20% discount or free workout                                   ->friend signs up for a Flex Card -> 1 free workout for both (11 vs 10)

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