Mom in Balance - Women Win

Mom in Balance - Women Win

MOM IN BALANCE & WOMEN WIN  When we started Mom in Balance Kenya we were very sure of two things. We wanted to do something for the local population as well as starting a business focussing on health. Quickly after launching Mom in Balance, we came into contact with Women Win, an organisation that works worldwide for women's rights through sport.

Women Win quickly connected us to the local Kenyan organisation Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP). VAP combines soccer & general sport practice with sessions involving life
skills for children from slums in Nairobi. However, there was a large group that dropped out of these programs: girls between the ages of 14 and 18 who (unwanted) became pregnant. With the Mom in Balance concept, we want to ensure these girls are not locked up at home. We want to make sure they keep moving, become confident and feel that they belong to a community again. A group of people that understands them or have the same experiences.
Last November we had our kick off of the workshop to train their coaches and our loveliest Alauna Peterson (member in Karen) made these wonderful pictures!! Go check out her portfolio here she makes great baby and family pictures too ;-)

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