Workshop: Mindfully Navigating Motherhood - Feb 4th

Workshop: Mindfully Navigating Motherhood - Feb 4th

29.12.2018 - Join us for a collaborative morning workshop on "Mindfully Navigating Motherhood" on Monday, February 4th from 09.30-11.30 with Jodi Harris from World Tree Coaching and Tanja Kinnen & Julie Mangen from Mom in Balance Tokyo.

Mom in Balance Tokyo and Jodi Harris from World Tree Coaching invite you for a collaborative morning workshop on "Mindfully Navigating Motherhood" on Monday, February 4th from 09.30-11.30. 

Life is incredibly hectic and it can feel like stillness only exists in a fantasy. For many of us we've lost the notion that we could ever catch our breath, even for a minute. But stillness may be less fleeting than you think. Stillness of the mind can come even in the most hectic of moments - in small, accessible ways throughout your day. Join us to learn strategies on how navigate mindful through all stages of motherhood with physical and mental exercises to take away. Coach and mindfulness teacher Jodi Harris will show you simple, practical ways to find stillness no matter where life takes you, while Julie Mangen and Tanja Kinnen from Mom in Balance Tokyo will explain about the benefits of incorporating a workout routine in your daily life.

Find out how to stay energetic, fit, confident and calm throughout motherhood and register here to secure your spot! (Registration is mandatory to secure your spot for this workshop!)

About Jodi Harris from World Tree Coaching

Jodi Harris is a mother of 3 third culture kids, wife of a US diplomat, certified coach, Personal Leadership senior facilitator, mindfulness teacher, and writer. She has over 15 years experience working with individuals living outside of their home cultures and prior to moving overseas practiced as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is originally from Austin, Texas and has lived in Spain, Northern Ireland, Japan (twice), the Dominican Republic and Madagascar. Through her company, World Tree Coaching LLC, she offers individual coaching and training with diverse expat clients all over the world. She also offers self-paced, online courses for the globally mobile through programs at Learn with World Tree Coaching. She specializes in reminding the globally mobile community how capable and amazing they really are and supports people in finding a sense of home no matter where they go.

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