Trial Workouts in September

Trial Workouts in September

Join us in September for our trial workouts in new locations, including Yokohama and Hiroo!

04.09.2018 - As the weather cools down and everyone is back from Summer holidays, we at Mom in Balance invite you for our trial workouts in September! Good news for quite a few of you! We finally expand to Yokohama and will also re-open the location in Arisugawa Park, Hiroo!

So, join us in September for our trial workouts:

Tuesday, Sep. 18th @ Rinko Park in Yokohama

Thursday, Sep. 20th @ Arisugawa Park in Hiroo

Tuesday, Sep. 25th @ Chigasaki Park in Yokohama

Click on the respective trial workout to get more information and we look forward to welcome you at our workouts! 

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