Special Winter Family Workout to kick off 2020

Special Winter Family Workout to kick off 2020

27.12.2019 - Join us for our Special Winter Family Workout to kick off 2020 on Saturday, January 18th in Yoyogi Park. A sporty and fun event for the whole family!
We invite all our members and friends to join us for a sporty and fun family oriented workout that will include not only challenging exercises for the moms AND dads, but also fun activites for the little ones. Show your partner and kids what you are up to during your weekly workout session and how strong you are! This is a free workout starting from 10.00 and will indluce healthy snacks from our Strategic Partner My Bentou as well as hot drinks.
About the event & workout
The event is the perfect opportunity to kick off the new year, meet old and new friends, get to know our trainer team and get back into your workout routine! The workout will accommodate the different workout programs of Mom in Balance: a workout for pregnant, a Back in Shape workout for all women having given birth recently and a MPower workout for everyone who likes a challenge. The trainers will make sure to adapt each exercise to the participants levels, so that everyone can enjoy the workout at their own pace and have fun as a family. 

About Mom in Balance Tokyo
Who we are and what we do at Mom in Balance Tokyo? We offer outdoor workouts for pregnant women, postnatal recovery workouts and total body workouts for all women who want to be fit and in shape! Our mission is to support women and especially moms (to be) in building a strong, energetic life foundation through our workouts and network of positive, inspiring women.

Sounds good!?
Then grab your training gear, bring your family and friends, join in the fun of working out outdoors and let's start into the new year together!
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