Schedule Livestream Workouts

Schedule Livestream Workouts

18.04.2020 - Discover the schedule for our livestream workouts!
Since the beginning of the month we are offering livestream workouts via Zoom. Here is our current schedule:
All our morning workouts will start at 9.30We provide MPower workouts as well as Pregnant / Back in Shape workouts of 30 minutes. On top we offer 2 combo workouts of 45 minutes on Monday and Wednesday.
Dedicated MPower workouts - 30 min on:
Tuesday: 9.30
Thursday: 20.30
Friday: 9.30
Dedicated Pregnant / Back in Shape workouts - 30 min on:
Tuesday: 20.30
Thursday: 09.30
Combo workouts - 45 min on:
Monday: 09.30
Wednesday: 09.30
There are also plenty more livestream workouts from Mom in Balance locations around the world, so make sure to check out our schedules hereunder.
Please also note: We will use resistance bands for certain exercises. If you have one at home, bring it to the workout. If you don't have one, no worries! We will offer alternatives without a band and if you want to purchase a band, please get in touch with us. The band is 1000¥ and we can ship it to your house.
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