MPower - May / June: Focus Block CARDIO

MPower - May / June: Focus Block CARDIO

30.04.2018 - In May / June it will be all about Cardio. Grab your running shoes and be the best you!

Running during the spring is a delight. It is a great way to improve your physical fitness, explore nature and enjoy the sunshine! Reason enough to make running the focus of our home routine during spring. Do you want to start running or are you an experienced runner? Choose and download the 6-week-plan that suits you!

Schedule 1: at the end of the block you can run 20 minutes consecutively.

Do you run once in a while?
Schedule 2: at the end of the block you can run for 30 minutes consecutively.

Do you want to run the 5 km faster?
Schedule 3: at the end of the block you can run the 5 km in a shorter time
(for those who run 5 km easily already).

You can do it!

P.S. Create your own schedule with our "Be the Best You" Calendar for May/June

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