MPower Focus in March - Plank Challenge

MPower Focus in March - Plank Challenge

01.03.2019 - Join in our Plank Challenge in March and become a Plank Master!

In March we will be focusing on the perfect plank and get you gradually to mastering the most advanced plank variations! Sounds like the right challenge for you!? Join us and become a plank master!

Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram page for updates on your home routine and join our workouts in Tokyo and Yokohama for some in-depth group training! 

Before you head off - This is what a perfect plank looks like:

The prupose of a plank:

The purpose of planking is to train all muscles that support the spine, as well as your pelvis. It is a total-body exercise with emphasis on the core.

How to plank: 

Place your hands on the ground shoulder width apart, the hands should be directly underneath the shoulders. The body is in a straight line, with the feet at shoulder width. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

What else to pay attention too:

The neck is in line with the spine, the shoulders are back and low (shoulder blades are flat at the top of the back), the elbows unlocked, the hips are down, and the bellybutton in. Don't forget to breath! ;)

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