MPower Focus - Core Challenge

MPower Focus - Core Challenge

30.05.2019 - Join in on our core challenge in June and get a better posture, more stability and improved sports performance! How!? We will show you 4 exercises that help you to achieve all this and even more. Get ready for summer and feel good about yourself!

In June our home routine will be all about training the core! Why training the core!? The core is the center of the body and provides you with stability, posture and much more! 

  • A strong core helps you maintain a better posture
  • A strong core helps to prevent injuries
  • Working out gets easier because your core can provide stability
  • Your sports performance improves
  • Your waist will get slimmer and your belly flatter

Watch our video with 4 exercises (20 times each) and challenge yourself to work that core during your home routine. 

  • Plank - Step forward
  • Side Plank – Hip Dip
  • Surfer Burpee
  • Standing Crunch Squat

Of course we will pay extra attention to the muscles of the core. Abs, back and glutes will be trained during our workouts. So join in and see yourself and the othersin your workout group progress and get stronger week after week! If you have any questions, your trainer is there for you and can walk you through the exercises and answer all your questions!

You can do it!

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