Join us at the TELL Tokyo Tower Climb on Sep. 8th

Join us at the TELL Tokyo Tower Climb on Sep. 8th

29.08.2019 - Join our Mom in Balance Tokyo team to climb up the Tokyo Tower on Sunday, September 8th in support of TELL raising awareness for the World Suicide Prevention Day!

Are you up for a fun challenge!? We certainly are and that's why we will be joining again the TELL Tokyo Tower Climb this year, on Sunday, September 9th. It is a unique and fun event and on top has a charity focus. All the profits will benefit TELL, a mental health non-profit offering support and counseling, as the event marks the World Suicide Prevention Day. 

We are still looking for more members to join our Mom in Balance team! If you are interested send us an email until August 31st. You just have to pay your share of the registration fee and you will get one of our cool pink "Challenge Yourself" t-shirts. Sounds like a deal, no!? ;)

Plus this year our trainers will be involved in the warm up of the event participants! Even more reason to come and join us! ;)

If you can't make it on the day, why not support our team with a donation, e.g. 10¥ per step. For reference each of our so far 12 team members will go up 600 steps ! All proceeds will go to TELL in helping to extend the operating hours of their Lifeline! 

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