Cancelled - Workshop: Strengthen Your Body, Nourish Your Gut

Cancelled - Workshop: Strengthen Your Body, Nourish Your Gut

16.04.2019 - Join Tanja Kinnen and Julie Mangen, co-owners at Mom in Balance Tokyo and Alexandra Midland from the Village Mind on Monday, May 13th from 9.30-11.30 for a 2 hour workshop on strengthening your body and nourishing your gut! Learn how to connect your current fitlife routine and mombod goals to the 5 elements of well-being.
As moms (to be) we aspire to live a healthy lifestyle, being active and take in the right food, especially when it comes to our children. Sometimes it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves and invest enough energy to our own well-being, mentally and physically.

Building a strong body before and after delivery is important, but balance - especially for new moms and expecting moms - goes beyond your physical body. For that reason Mom in Balance Tokyo has partnered up with Alexadra Midland from the Village Mind, expert in holistic health and mindfulness wellness, who will tell us more about mindfulness eating and how to build healthy, intuitive eating behaviours by listening to your body.

Workshop content:
After a 40-minute heart-pumping MIB sweat-ses, you'll have the opportunity to sample different homemade, whole-food snack options, perfect for refueling post-workout and easy enough to DIY! You will also be invited to participate in different mindful eating exercises to learn how to better listen to your body and build healthy, intuitive eating behaviors. We will finish with a self-compassion and self-care practice that helps to rebuild your relationship with diet and exercise, and deconstructs the idea of wanting (or needing) a 'quick fix'. In addition to an awesome network of like-minded moms and a whole host of easy, sustainable habits, you will leave with an understanding that attending to your own health and happiness is just as important as ensuring that of your baby.

Date & Time: Monday, May 13th - 09.30-11.30
Location: US Embassy Compound Roppongi
Price: 3000¥ (Includes a workout and some helath snacks and drinks after the workout)
Babysitter service: Available upon request for an additional fee of 1.600¥ for this two hour workshop

Find out how to strengthen your body and nourish your gut and build up a healthy routine! Spots are filling up fast, so make sure to register via our registration form

Learn more about Mom in Balance Tokyo and the Village Mind...

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