Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions Mom in Balance subscription

- You start out with either a Pregnant or Back in Shape subscription for a minimum of 3 months. 

- The Mpower subscription runs for a minimum of 1 month. Registration takes place by fully completing the registration form on the website and sending it in. The membership starts on the date of commencement as stated on the registration form.

- Flexcards are valid for 6 months after purchase.

- By registering the participant declares to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Mom in Balance.

- The Pregnant subscription ends automatically on the due date. If the delivery has taken place before the due date, then the subscription will be ended on the date of delivery. Send an email to if this occurs.

- You can always change your subscription from training once a week to training unlimited. Changing from unlimited to once a week can be arranged up to a month in advance. Send an e-mail to

- You can temporarily or definitely stop your subscription when you are unable to train due to injuries or illness. This should be reported immediately via Your subscription is paused from the day of notification.

- In case you are pregnant you can change your MPower subscription into a Pregnant subscription (notify us one month in advance).

Membership , term and payment conditions

- Payment takes place by direct debit. The amount is collected monthly afterwards by Mom in Balance at the end of each month.

- In case the due amount is not received, for instance due to insufficient balance or errors for other reasons, collection of the due amount will be attempted again the month after. From that moment you will have 2 weeks to transfer the amount. If we still haven’t received the amount after this period, the claim is forwarded to a third party for collection. All costs that are made in regards to this are for the account of the participant.

- Participation of Mom in Balance lessons will be denied as long as the payment obligation has not been satisfied (without a stated valid reason). Mom in Balance is authorised to terminate the relation with the participant in case of a payment default, which will not have any effect on the obligation of payment.

- Mom in Balance reserves the right to change the fees as they see fit. You will be notified at least 2 months before a price change. The price change will not apply to the current duration of the contract. The price change will count for as well the old as the new subscriptions.

- The subscription is personal and not transferable.


- Mom in Balance reserves the right to change training hours, location, programs etc.

- Cancelling the Pregnant subscription or Back in Shape subscription (after 3 months) can be done by sending an email to, no later than 1 calendar month before the subscription period expires.

- For cancellations of MPower subscriptions we handle a notification period of 1 calendar month.
Without cancellation the subscription shall be extended automatically every month. For the Pregnant subscription this goes until maximum the due date of your pregnancy.

- The workouts always take place with exeption of bank holidays. Check with your location for more information on holidays. If workouts need to be chancelled because of official bank holidays, there is no claim of reducement of the monthly fee.

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